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I am sadly not 15 anymore, which makes me generally ashamed of the content of this journal awhole, though 'tis best to get on with it and spare you guys the pleasantries. I'm Juuhachi Go *points at username*, 25, Italian, still studying at my ripe old age (I'm a History major), succint and awfully lazy fanfic writer. I read a lot, though not as much as I'd like, I play a lot of videogames and I'm still a CLAMP fan, if you don't mention Tsubasa and all the shit that went after it - and please, please, refrain from talking about the X hiatus - I don't know, I guess this makes me more of an ex-fan, now that I think of it? This place is seldom used - when it is, it features long and incoherent ramblings about my life (which end up being screened as soon as I realise the extent of the embarassment I cause myself writing them in the first place), and a lot of stupid writing memes. Enjoy yourselves!

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Dusk Shard ~ personal fanfiction archive (it.)
our-cross.net ~ co-owned network

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